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How to Make Yourself Blog When You Just Don’t Feel Like Blogging

bigstock boom 400058381 300x216 How to Make Yourself Blog When You Just Dont Feel Like BloggingHere’s a tip for how to make yourself write a blog post when you’re totally uninspired. Use other people’s inspiration to motivate you.

For example, take a look at what you’re reading on the Web right now. If it’s good enough to catch your interest, maybe you can use that spark to create something new for your readers?

Here’s how I went from barely awake blog procrastination to publishing this morning.

You can tell a lot about a person just by reading the titles of the web pages they’ve got open. Right now I’m reading posts on Harvard Business Review:

  1. “How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don’t Want to”
  2. “The Daily Routines of Geniuses”
  3. “Stop Trying to Control People or Make Them Happy”

And one on Hubspot: “12 Inspirational Writing Tips from History’s Greatest Authors.” Read More→

Blog Writing Tips: How to Become Productive and Prolific at Those Tasks You Hate

Manage Your Time 300x252 Blog Writing Tips: How to Become Productive and Prolific at Those Tasks You Hate How can you develop more productive blog writing habits? When are you going to stick to your content marketing calendar? What’s it going to take?

I know many small business owners who purposely procrastinate on writing and finance tasks they hate. Are you one of these professionals who work better when you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in? Think about it. Read More→

A Checklist for a Good Blog

Blog checklist 300x225 A Checklist for a Good BlogAfter I got home from our Publishing at Sea cruise, I checked out the good blogs of our amazing group of authors, including those of our experts, like Judith Briles! Of course, as writers, they all had important things to say on their blogs. But some weren’t really optimized for best results.

Here’s what I look for in an optimized, good blog (one that gets Google search and reader results):

  1. A good blog title with a tag line that says what people will find on this blog (benefits to reader)
  2. An email subscription sign up button such as an RSS icon
  3. A good blog post title that makes me want to read the full post
  4. A compelling image with each post
  5. Hyperlinks – at least one per 120 words so that posts are identifiable to search engines.
  6. Recent posts or no date on them: If posts aren’t at least once a week (twice is better) then I don’t want to see a date on the posts -which alerts me to the fact you haven’t posted in a month … or six! Read More→

Start an Expert Ebook with an Outline:
11 Steps

Experts Stuart Miles 300x225 Start an Expert Ebook with an Outline: <br>11 StepsAre you an expert? Then you need to write and publish an expert ebook. Now. Before your field gets flooded with too many on the same topic (if it isn’t already). Trust me on this one.

Just as business blogs caught fire in 2004-2005, expert ebooks are what smart professionals use as a key marketing tool to get found, get known and get clients.

If you’re an expert and want to get found online, there’s no better way than to give visitors to your website or blog a free report that shows your expertise, builds credibility and starts conversations.

An expert ebook is a longer version of that report and can easily be sold on Amazon. Traditional publishing barriers have fallen. All that’s standing between you and published author status is a little time and work. So let’s get busy. Here’s why:

This is one of those opportunities on the rise. Don’t miss being on the early crest of the wave.

  • The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) reported U.S. wholesale ebook sales for January, 2010 were $31.9 million, up 261 percent from the same month a year earlier.

  • Ebooks are now outselling hardcover books at Amazon, selling 180 e-books for every 100 hardcovers. Read More→

How to Write an Expert Ebook

Computer and Ebooks 300x225 How to Write an Expert Ebook I get calls from executive coaches and consultants who want to publish an ebook. They ask me for help, to ghost write either for or with them.

The answer is yes: in certain fields, I am a ghost writer. I read a ton of books on leadership, and study how the big sellers on Amazon are written in this category.

Some people have clear ideas of what they want to say. They may even have an outline. Some have already published books themselves (“Never again!” some say). But most don’t have an outline, a story, a message, or a clue.

But they’re right about one thing: If you’re an expert, you should publish an ebook. It will help you get found, get known, and get clients.

I thought I’d put my best steps for writing an expert ebook into a blog post here, and create an ebook later. If I were  to write an ebook about how to write an expert ebook … how would I do that? What would I say?

First, remember that writing an ebook is not the same thing as publishing one. Two separate activities…

  • Each are important and each need a lot of time and expertise
  • Not everyone should write their own book
  • Not everyone should publish and market their own book
  • Decide which you want to do and outsource the stuff you’re not good at doing

If you want to write a book, start asking yourself some hard questions: Read More→

How to Blog without Boring Readers in the Holiday Season

HoidaySeasons 200x300 How to Blog without Boring Readers in the Holiday SeasonHow do you blog about the Holiday Season – without boring your readers?

It’s no secret that the holidays are upon us! With one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year and Hanukkah already in full swing, the holidays have arrived.

So what does the holiday season mean for your blog? Several things! The holiday season provides a lot of opportunity for keyword-rich blogging.

  • Put your own spin on popular topics and it will help bring traffic to your site.
  • You can use this seasonal opportunity to feature charities that you support.
  • You can expand topics beyond your core business services to what truly matters in life. Read More→

Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Bloggers
…and 5 Tips to Fix Them

How to Blog 300x227 Common Mistakes Made by Beginning Bloggers <br>  ...and 5 Tips to Fix ThemWhen you first start a business blog, it’s easy to make a few blogging mistakes. While it seems like nearly every business already has a blog, new blogs are popping up every day. If you’re just getting your blog up and running, here are a few common mistakes that can be detrimental before it gets off of the ground.

Seasoned bloggers are wise to take note of these tips as well; even the most professional of us can use a reminder every now and then!

Here are a few things not to do with your blog:

  1. Not making sure all of your content is original. While most of us understand the ramifications of plagiarism when it comes to writing papers in college, it can be more of a grey area when it comes to blogging. It is possible to get into legal trouble for stealing someone’s ideas and re-printing them word for word. Just be careful to keep your blogging original, even if you are taking inspiration from something that someone else wrote.
  2. Using recycled content. Many blogs do use the content of others, with due credit given. This is particularly true of things like news articles or announcements. While it’s fine to include things like this from time to time, don’t fill your site with outside content. Your readers will get bored quickly and abandon your blog for something better.
  3. Not writing about something you know. Picking a blog topic that is completely outside of your realm of expertise is unwise. Writing about something that you are interested in and are familiar with will come across to your readers as more natural. That’s not to say that you can’t explore new topics, just make sure that you understand that your blog readers want to see you as an expert.
  4. Not researching what you’re writing about. In addition to checking out your competitors, you can also see what topics in your planned area of expertise have already been beaten to death, so to speak. Coming up with a new spin on an old topic or touching on an issue in your field that hasn’t been covered much is more likely to gain readers for your blog.
  5. Not making sure your blog is visually interesting. A good layout is key to get people to come back and keep reading. Seasoned bloggers are wise to evaluate their visual interest occasionally as well. Another way to keep people interested is to use lots of images, graphics, and infographics.

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About our Guest Author:

Megan Totka is the Chief Editor for She specializes on the topic of small business tips and resources. helps small businesses grow their business on the web and facilitates connectivity between local businesses and more than 7,000 Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

6 Easy Tips to Write a Blog Post in 30 Minutes

Blog Writing 300x199 6 Easy Tips to Write a Blog Post in 30 MinutesCan you write a blog post and publish in under an hour? How about 20 minutes? That’s my record. But as anyone who’s ever made love knows, fast isn’t always better. And sometimes it is.

There’s usually too much for small business professionals to handle. If you want to stay on schedule, you’ve got to learn to “just do it!” and do it fast.

Here’s how I research, write, add an image, compose a compelling title, and optimize for SEO and publish a blog post in under an hour. Read More→

5 Ways to Make Your Business Blog Remarkable

Blog Visibility 5 Ways to Make Your Business Blog RemarkableHow do you make your business blog really remarkable? Like, fascinating?

The main goal of writing a blog, whether for business or otherwise, is to get people to read what you write. Seems pretty simple. But attracting readers to a new blog (or even an established one) is easier said than done.

So how do you build a readership base and continuously gain new readers to keep your blog and your business going. Here are a few ways to make your business blog one to watch.

1. Keep up with current events – while you shouldn’t always write about what’s going on in the world, using relevant examples and anecdotes lets your readers know that you are knowledgeable.

2. Pay attention to your social media networks – what are people talking about on your social media pages? What are they asking you as a business? Consider using these questions and discussions for blog topics. You’re more likely to engage your customers by writing on topics they clearly are interested in than developing your own. Read More→

4 Tips to Attract More Readers to Your Business Blog

Blog Likes 300x199 4 Tips to Attract More Readers to Your Business BlogHow can you attract more readers to your business blog? Blogs have become a social media platform for everyone. When you know how to blog, you can write about anything relevant to your business’ audience that will enrich customers’ knowledge and show how your business will be beneficial to them.

You can provide information on your blog that solves people’s key problems in your field, and they’ll keep coming back and become regular readers.

When your business website has a well-defined blog, and if you write or hire a writer to frequently update new content on it, you can be sure that your website traffic will go only one way – up.

But coming up with a successful blog can be a tough job. You need to make sure that your blog content stands out among other similar blog content on the web. The following tips will help you increasing traffic to your website through successful business blogging.

4 Creative Tips to Attract More Web Traffic Readers

1. Promote articles and posts on a variety of platforms

Social media has become an ever-present phenomenon now. You can’t expect your website to draw in huge numbers of visitors if you don’t have a visible presence on various social media platforms. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn are some names that come to your mind when thinking about content marketing for your website. But these are only a few among the vast resources available online.

Granted these platforms have a large online presence, but if you really want your business website to grow, you should consider specialized niche forms of social media also. Some of these lesser known platforms include Quora, Tumblr, and Empire Avenue. These platforms have a specific crowd following and due to the less competition on these sites, you are likely to have a greater penetration over the market. But search ones that attract your kind of customer, in your target audience.

2. Use SlideShare

SlideShare is another platform that doesn’t have all the hoopla surrounding bigger social media platforms. You, as a content writer, can easily create smaller and sharper overviews for your posts and upload those on SlideShare. These to-the-point overviews will appeal to a larger audience base and you can easily put links of the slides on your website that can be followed to read the overview on SlideShare’s website. Read More→