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Smart Business Blog Linking:
Top 25 Content Marketing Blogs

Blog Linking 300x300 Smart Business Blog Linking: <br>Top 25 Content Marketing BlogsIf your business blog needs to get inbound links, here’s a prime example of how to do it. Pay attention to this tactic, it’s easy, it’s smart blog marketing and a great way to get other blogs linking to you, thereby improving your search rankings.

I’ve talked about creating your own Top 10 lists before, and it still makes sense, even more so given the way SEO works today.

Recently our blog here, showed up on a list of the Top 25 Must-Read Content Marketing Blogs. Well, we’re listed as #24, but hey! Who cares?

Author Jennifer Barry, who writes for Hubspot as well, says on the blog:

“The marketing industry is diverse and ever changing, and one of the easiest ways to stay on top is to read the most relevant and pertinent blogs. There are thousands of marketing blogs out there that focus on different aspects of the marketing industry from optimization, conversion, advertising, and content.” Read More→

Business Blogging: How to Optimize Older Posts

Link to older posts 300x244 Business Blogging: How to Optimize Older PostsClearly, one of the most important things that you can do when it comes to a business blog is to share new content. But what about those older blog posts that are hanging out on your blog somewhere?

Why not make good use of older content? Make it easy for your blog readers to learn more about your solutions to their problems. This requires that you do more than just write an article from the heart. Yes, writing with passion is great, but as long as you’ve got readers on your blog, lead them to older posts.

For business blogging, you’ll need to become keyword-savvy, and use a plugin or two will help make it easy and automatic.

The screen-capture image at the top is a sample from Chip Scholz’ LeaderSnips blog showing how at the end of each post you can provide suggestions for related posts. It uses the YARPP plugin.

Business blogs can be tricky creatures. While it seems like blogging should be pretty straightforward, there are a lot of nuances to building a successful business blog that your potential clients can actually find. Read More→

Vote: What Makes You Read a Blog Post?

sitting on laptop Vote: What Makes You Read a Blog Post?What do you find is the most important thing about a blog post? What makes you read? Mark Schaefer over at {grow} blog asked this question and gives his opinion.

Here are the choices:


Take a few minutes to decide, then leave a comment about the top blogging elements that get you to read a post.

Read More→

E-Newsletter Review: How’s Your Ezine?

orange man thinker E Newsletter Review: Hows Your Ezine?You may be doing all the right content marketing things (e-newsletter, blog, articles, etc.) and still not get good results (get found, get known, get clients!) If all you’re doing is publishing good information, without personality, without offers, what’s the point?

I got an email from a client who lamented the poor results from her emailed newsletter. After a year she reported:

  • No new clients came to her after reading it
  • No new sign-ups were happening (or were rare)

She asked what she was doing wrong. Here were some of her questions, followed by my answers. This would be a good time to check your own e-newsletter for opportunities for improvement.

  1. Could it be the article is too long?
  2. Could it be I don’t know how to sell myself with my newsletter?
  3. Could it be that I don’t choose the right article for my clients (they are small business owners and at time managers in various companies)?
  4. Could it be that many people check their emails on their phone and do not have time to read my newsletters?

The person asking these good questions is an executive coach. She needs to “sell herself” by providing quality content that demonstrates her expertise in coaching matters and leadership and personal development issues. Read More→

Business Blogging: 4 Ways to Have Fun and Profits

(Vacation time, so here’s another guest post, this one by Susan Long,  freelance marketing consultant.)

If you’re writing your blog for more than just fun, you’ve probably thought about how you can make some money from it. There’s plenty of ways you can make cash from your writing, and you might not have thought of some of them before.

1) Putting ads on your blog

This is the most obvious way to make money blogging. You can sign up for Google Ads and Adbrite, which are two of the most well-known. The best thing about Google Ads and Adbrite is that you don’t have to have lots of readers to put their ads on your site. If you’re just starting out blogging one of these is the best way to start. You can also sell links in your articles with companies like or Text Link Ads.

Once you’ve got more readers – say maybe once you’re getting a thousand hits a week – you can think about approaching bigger ad networks like Chitika and putting more “mainstream” ads on your blog.

And if you have a specialist or local blog, remember you can approach relevant businesses directly and ask them to advertise. For instance if you write a blog about soccer in your country, you could ask sports stores in your city if they want to advertise

2) Putting ads in your RSS feed

If you use Feedburner to optimise your RSS feed (and if you aren’t, why not?), you can easily put ads in the RSS feed of your blog, so people who read your blog through RSS will see ads.

3) Pay-per-post Read More→

Video: How to Create Great Sales Pages in WP

blue man footage Video: How to Create Great Sales Pages in WPHere’s a quick video I’m  using to promote Suzanne Bird-Harris’ fabulous WordPress Sales Page Template.I love the image of the “web designer thief” that sneaks across the screen about half way through… icon wink Video: How to Create Great Sales Pages in WP

Take a look, and if you haven’t downloaded the free audio interview and transcript we did together, go to and do so now.

What do you think about the video? I think the folks at did a super job!

I want to share with you this nice email I got from Kathy Porter, who was on the actual teleseminar call:

“Hi Patsi – your webinar training on how to incorporate a sales page into a WordPress platform is one of the BEST things I’ve participated in this year.  (I’ll be creating my own WordPress blog shortly, now that I’ve gotten my feet wet using Typepad.)

Think I can help you expand your reach with this product by tweeting and “face-booking” your affiliate link as my heartfelt thank you for making this info available.”

Kathy Porter
Creator and Owner, MrsBizWhiz
Web site/blog:

WordPress Beats Out Typepad 4 to 1 in Poll

hand voting Wordpress Beats Out Typepad 4 to 1 in PollTwo-thirds of readers of this blog use WordPress as a blogging platform,  according to results of the poll set up 6 days ago. If you haven’t voted yet, please do so here.

Typepad users make up 14.5% of my blog readers, and the other platforms are in the single digits. Of WordPress users, 25.3% use a platform hosted by, 44% use a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Because of the overwhelming majority who use WordPress, my next teleseminar will be designed for WP users. Specifically, I’m going to interview an expert about how to create a sales page using WordPress. Stay tuned for a date, and… of course, a WP sales page where you can sign up for the free class and learn more WordPress tips.

As you probably know, I switched from a Typepad hosted blog a couple of months ago to self-hosted WordPress, with a Headway theme. So far, I’m very pleased with both the ease of posting, the design and widget features, and the SEO results. Read More→

Myths & Realities of Blog Traffic: 7 Steps to Clarity

global search concept Myths & Realities of Blog Traffic: 7 Steps to ClarityIt’s sad and disappointing. My friend and colleague Sam spent some big bucks on a fancy new website, that included an attractive design, a flash banner, nice pictures and ten pages of text… only no one was finding him.

Hardly any traffic at all. He tried using his name on some of the search engines but he could hardly even find himself.

I told him he needed a blog, so he had his web people add a blog page, but he really didn’t do much better. A few months later, over coffee and a phone call, Sam confided his frustrations:

  • The only comments he gets are spammers: “Nice post, visiting my site for Viagra/insurance/poker, etc.
  • He’s in a competitive market with well-established players/bloggers
  • He has no idea how to get the attention of his ideal clients
  • He fears his clients don’t read blogs
  • He’s baffled by his low traffic, and Google analytics seem like Greek to him
  • He tried going over to Twitter and came away with a headache
  • He’s recently discovered an Internet Marketing Millionaire Guru site and is about ready to invest in an expensive Traffic program

When I heard that, I  yelled into the phone, “STOP right there, bubba! Don’t you dare throw your hard-earned money at this problem and expect it to be fixed. First off, you don’t have a traffic problem.” Read More→

How to Win a Blogging Award

1stPlace How to Win a Blogging AwardCan you claim your blog to be award-winning? What kind of prize do you think you’d get if they put you on a best blog list? Most original? Best resource for time-saving tips? Most helpful, profound, smart? Funniest?

The first time I got onto Joe Pulizzi’s Top42 Content Marketing Blogs, back in 2007, I was kinda surprised. And extremely flattered, since I was in the company of some of the top blogs I look up to for inspiration, like Copyblogger, Online Marketing Blog, Conversation Agent, and Web Ink Now.

Now, 3 years later, the pool has quadrupled, and I’m still in the top ten… This quarter, this blog ranks #5. I’m very proud, but more than that, I’m grateful. Being on this list has added more than a few smart readers to the subscriber list, and put me in contact with some great people.

It is also makes getting up early to write everyday worth it, it contributes to my motivation and inspires me to write better.

I want to share with you what the benefits of being on an award list, and what I’ve done since to try to stay on the list. I think there are some good lessons for other bloggers. Read More→

10 Places to Publish Online Content

 10 Places to Publish Online Content How many different places online are you publishing content that markets for you and your business?

Rapidly, as new software and user-friendly Web tools emerge, the Internet has been changing the way we communicate with words. Almost too rapidly, some would say.

Here’s a partial list of where you could (and should) write and publish online:

•    Blogs and web pages
•    Ezines, e-newsletters
•    Web-based press releases
•    White Papers, special reports
•    Articles posted on directories
•    E-books, e-courses and autoresponders
•    Surveys & Quizzes
•    Podcasts and audio files
•    Video clips, YouTube
•    Social communities and networks, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

What am I missing on this list?

Read More→