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6 Easy Blog Posts You Can Write to Attract Readers

blog posts 6 Easy Blog Posts You Can Write to Attract ReadersOne universal truth about blog readers is that fresh content will keep them coming back and reading your blog again and again. But there are so many kinds of blog posts that attract readers that it’s hard to choose. Too many choices lead to blog blocks. Here are six types of blog posts you can write easily and quickly.

We’ve talked endlessly about what to do when you’re in a blogging slump and how to come up with new content. So now, let’s talk about some types of blog posts that your readers might like to see: Read More→

How to Make Yourself Blog When You Just Don’t Feel Like Blogging

bigstock boom 400058381 300x216 How to Make Yourself Blog When You Just Dont Feel Like BloggingHere’s a tip for how to make yourself write a blog post when you’re totally uninspired. Use other people’s inspiration to motivate you.

For example, take a look at what you’re reading on the Web right now. If it’s good enough to catch your interest, maybe you can use that spark to create something new for your readers?

Here’s how I went from barely awake blog procrastination to publishing this morning.

You can tell a lot about a person just by reading the titles of the web pages they’ve got open. Right now I’m reading posts on Harvard Business Review:

  1. “How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don’t Want to”
  2. “The Daily Routines of Geniuses”
  3. “Stop Trying to Control People or Make Them Happy”

And one on Hubspot: “12 Inspirational Writing Tips from History’s Greatest Authors.” Read More→

Ebooks for Experts: 10 Questions to Ask Before You Write

Shortcuts Expert Ebook Ebooks for Experts: 10 Questions to Ask Before You WriteI’ve been blogging recently about how experts need to publish their own ebooks as part of their strategy to get found, get known, and get clients through online content marketing.

Here are 10 questions to ask yourself before you write a single word of your expert ebook:

Download the questionnaire here:

Over 10 years ago, professionals started using blogs to communicate to clients. As co-founder of The Blog Squad, I proclaimed blogs to be ‘the best darned marketing tool on the planet!’

To some extent they still are, but the key for experts is to excel with quality content. A blog is only one channel for online content marketing, along with social media networking sites. Another key communication channel is publishing expert ebooks. Read More→

The Experts on How to Get a Book Published

Group 1024x744 The Experts on How to Get a Book PublishedThe problem with going to a conference is that I always come away with a to-do list a mile long. But I love the rekindled passion and energy. Truly, the Publishing at Sea conference aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean was an explosion of information and ideas.

Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound, captured a few learning gems on How to Get a Book Published on her post here.

Personally, I’m not trying to get a book published, but many of my clients are and I want to as informed as possible about the book publishing industry which is changing so rapidly.

In addition, I felt that getting to know the experts will help me refer my clients to trustworthy people when the time comes to market, publicize, print, distribute and use social media for books beyond the writing process. I can now highly recommend these fabulous book experts:

  • Judith Briles, is The Book Shepherd, and she’s helped hundreds of authors through all stages of the publishing process. She’s an amazing woman and published author. She founded AuthorU, a membership group specifically to answer the needs of writers. If you’d like to learn more, go to her site. Better yet, considering joining the Author U Extravaganza in Denver May 3-5. Read More→

Expert Ebooks: Getting Reader Research Right

Research Readers 300x225 Expert Ebooks: Getting Reader Research RightI’ve been sharing about how to start your expert ebook project right, by being clear about who your readers are and what they most want to know.

How should you go about reader research? For example, if you wanted to know how seniors are using the Internet, you could look at the Pew Research site.

How else can you research your readers so that you get this important first step right: How do you focus your expert ebook content on readers’ frustrations and challenges by discovering what those are?

The truth is it doesn’t matter how much of an expert you are or how much you know about your field. You still need to research beyond what you already know or assume.

Don’t skip researching your readers simply because you already have 20-30 years of working with people like them. I don’t care if you’ve got a Nobel Prize in Economics.

Do you think Daniel Kahnemann rests on his ground-breaking work in Behavioral Economics? No, he does not. He is continually researching and discovering more about how  theories apply to real people in the real world. His bestselling book Thinking Fast and Slow is written (and priced) for readers, not academics. Read More→

Expert Ebook Writing: 5 Steps to Get Started

5 Steps 300x300 Expert Ebook Writing: 5 Steps to Get StartedIf you’re an expert in your field and want to publish a digital book, how should you get started writing content?

  1. Write down 3 – 5 of your most compelling stories, ideas, nuggets, mistakes, or experiences you think interest your readers.
  2. What’s your point? (What’s your unique message you want readers to know that will impact their lives?)
  3. Write out a working title and a tag line that clearly states what the book is about and what it is designed to solve for readers.
  4. What’s your conclusion, what you want readers to do, think, believe, act on…? What’s your call to action?
  5. Write an outline that explains in a sequential order how you will provide benefit to readers.

(Please note that in each of these steps, the word “readers” is mentioned. Your readers are clearly at the heart of your book. In other words, you aren’t, they are.)

At this point you can continue writing or start looking for a ghost writer. Ask yourself, is it worth my time to learn how to do this and actually write the sentences, or hire a writer who already knows how to string together sentences, paragraphs, chapters from preface to conclusion, to notes, etc.? Read More→

Expert Ebook Writing: Prepare or Just Do It?

Make a List 300x225 Expert Ebook Writing: Prepare or Just Do It? Starting to write your expert ebook is not the first step. What comes before ebook writing is key -

  • Research what readers want most
  • Find out what other books have been done
  • Decide what you have to say that will make a difference

Without smart preparation, you’ll find yourself bogged down with too much information and lack of focus. Fortunately there are online tools that will help you discover more about your ebook topic. makes it easy for you to find out other titles, readers’ reviews and sales results. Survey tools like SurveyMonkey makes polling easy. As an expert, you can ask colleagues as well as clients for their ideas and opinions. And of course you can use social media pages to ask for other people’s perspectives. Read More→

Expert Ebooks: More Ways Ebook Writing Goes Wrong

Expert Knows too Much 300x200 Expert Ebooks: More Ways Ebook Writing Goes WrongIn my previous post I mentioned that a big problem for experts who want to write and publish an ebook is this: like the spy who gets killed by his own agency, “they know too much.”

Experts know so much about their area of expertise that they tend to blast readers with a fire hose of information. Not only that, but they are in love with their own point of view. I say this with appreciation and understanding, really.

If you’re a professional who’s been helping clients for decades, you know a lot and you know what works. Of course you love what you do and the way that you do it. And of course you want to share it with the world.

But here’s the thing about successfully writing an expert ebook that resonates with readers: they will download and read your ebook if it will help them understand and fix one of their problems. They don’t care so much about your products and services or point of view, as long as you and your ebook will give them the results they want. Read More→

The Biggest Mistake Experts Make When Writing an Ebook

Fire Extinguisher 205x300 The Biggest Mistake Experts Make When Writing an EbookExperts know a lot. Of course they do, any professional who’s been gathering experience for 20, 30, even 40 years has a lot to say. But many experts think they can pour out everything they know into an ebook and readers will want to buy and read it.

I call this the fire-hose writing approach. Give them everything you’ve got and hope that you hit a nerve that resonates.

You could be wrong. Readers don’t really want to know everything about your field of expertise. They mostly just want to fix a problem they’re having.

The biggest mistake experts make when writing an ebook is to focus on what they know instead of on what readers want to learn.

Reader Focused Writing

This is why you must shift your focus when writing an expert ebook from your expertise to how your readers and clients struggle.

For example, when listing a table of contents that takes the reader from A to Z – everything you know about coaching and goal setting – just to pick an example – your ebook contents needs to go directly to the reader, what he/she struggles with, why traditional solutions don’t work, what new solution you offer, and how the reader will benefit.

In other words, smart experts write an ebook following this progression:

  1. Who are you writing this book for, and why (which problems do readers face)?
  2. What common solutions exist and why they don’t always work?
  3. What new ideas and solutions can you share (challenge the status quo)?
  4. How will the reader benefit?
  5. What can readers do today to resolve their frustration?

This is not a new concept, but it can’t be emphasized enough when it comes to writing quality digital content designed to highlight your expertise in an expert ebook. Those ebook writers who start writing with a reader-centered focus will not only have an easier time writing their book, but they will also end up with greater appeal to their audience.

In website design, this is called “user-centered design” process. It’s frequently used in product development and R & D. In brief, it’s a process for creating products and services that work well for the end users. You create your design to help people achieve their goals in ways that will work for them.

As an expert, you should already know your targeted audience well since you’ve been working with them for years. Maybe they’ve changed, and if so, you need to find out what their frustrations are. Find the “sweet spot,” what they most want to discover.

Then help them understand and discover solutions they may not have thought of.

Readers don’t want to know everything you know, they don’t want to become experts. They want to fix what’s wrong and your job is to help them understand how to do that in plain language.

I’m guessing that the biggest problem that experts have in writing about their own field is that, like the spy who gets killed, “they know too much.”

Instead of blasting readers with a fire-hose, target their problem and pain with a small fire-extinguisher. It’s much kinder, don’t you think? Don’t ruin your chances of successfully publishing an expert ebook that helps you get found, get known, and get clients.


Start an Expert Ebook with an Outline:
11 Steps

Experts Stuart Miles 300x225 Start an Expert Ebook with an Outline: <br>11 StepsAre you an expert? Then you need to write and publish an expert ebook. Now. Before your field gets flooded with too many on the same topic (if it isn’t already). Trust me on this one.

Just as business blogs caught fire in 2004-2005, expert ebooks are what smart professionals use as a key marketing tool to get found, get known and get clients.

If you’re an expert and want to get found online, there’s no better way than to give visitors to your website or blog a free report that shows your expertise, builds credibility and starts conversations.

An expert ebook is a longer version of that report and can easily be sold on Amazon. Traditional publishing barriers have fallen. All that’s standing between you and published author status is a little time and work. So let’s get busy. Here’s why:

This is one of those opportunities on the rise. Don’t miss being on the early crest of the wave.

  • The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) reported U.S. wholesale ebook sales for January, 2010 were $31.9 million, up 261 percent from the same month a year earlier.

  • Ebooks are now outselling hardcover books at Amazon, selling 180 e-books for every 100 hardcovers. Read More→