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How to Lure Readers to Your Blog
from Social Media

Lure Social Media Readers to Your BlogLet’s face it; sometimes it’s hard to draw people’s attention away from their many social media accounts.  I know that I’m guilty of not being willing to leave the social media site I’m browsing to visit an outside blog or article. So how do we as blog writers get people to leave the social media bubble and head on over to our blog to read and then share what they read on social media?

Here are a few ideas to get reader’s eyes off of their Facebook or Twitter page and onto your blog: Read More→

How to Become a Pinterest Warrior

PinterestWarriorAre you using Pinterest effectively?

Although you may have made excellent written content a part of your marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that there is more to social media than just writing a great post or article. In fact, one of the most important aspects of social networking is much more visual and not as textual as you might think.

The most popular shared items across all social networks are pictures, which shouldn’t be too surprising, given how many images we see on the web in a day. If you want your content to be not only seen but shared, it will be important to consider making image sharing a significant aspect of your game plan. Where should you start? Well, with Pinterest of course! Read More→

Out-of-Office: 4 Time-Saving Social Media Tips to Keep Connected

How can you use Social Media tips when you’re away from the office for a week?

What can you do to stay in touch with your clients when you’re out of town on a trip or vacation? I’ve been playing hooky: I went to a tennis ranch in Texas where we played tennis six hours a day. I was able to schedule publishing on my client blogs ahead of time, but my own blog suffered.

The good news is that it got me thinking about shortcuts and what can be done to extend your reach of online content marketing using social media tips.

Many of my readers are busy professionals who don’t have a lot of time. The danger of sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn is that they can suck you in and spit you out hours later… and time is money.

For those of you who have the bare minimum of time, and still want to get results, here are a few social media tips. Please feel free to join in and add other tips in the comments section. I must be doing something right: these tips have resulted in new clients directly from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Read More→

Your Business Blog Year 10: Is It Still Worth It?

Business-bloggingDoes blogging still make sense for your business? Is a business blog worth the time you need to research, write, format and publish quality content?

Some busy professionals ask me if it’s worth it to blog or would keeping in touch with people through social media sites work just as well? It’s a good question, particularly for small businesses, coaches and consultants who don’t have staff and a lot of time.

Publishing a quality blog requires time and effort. The average person needs at least two hours to complete all the tasks necessary for one blog post, and should be publishing 2-3 times a week.

Ten years ago, when I first started blogging I declared a blog to be “The best darn marketing tool on the planet!” It was if someone had handed me a microphone and people across the globe started hearing what I had to say. I started getting found online and boosted my business revenues exponentially.

But ten years later, there are a lot of ways to spread your word and publish quality content online. Communication is possible everywhere. Clients can be reached through Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter – the list goes on. Read More→

6 Tips for Easy Ebook Promotion
with Social Media

Ebook-Promotion-Social-MediaProducing expert ebooks has never been simpler, and promoting them has never been easier. Really? Yes, I did say “easier.”

Since social media has come into being, the way you promote your expert ebook is, in fact, a whole lot easier. It’s not just about promoting your ebook, it’s about promoting YOU! Yes, you are the expert, not the ebook.

In order to get your e-book in front of as many eyes as possible, you’ll need some patience, a plan and some creative ideas. Here are six tips to get you started:

1. Set Your Social Media in Motion

Just because you say you’re an expert, you have to have branded yourself as one. You should have a presence on social media and you have been active as well (if not, you’d better get moving.) If you don’t have time, hire a virtual assistant that is knowledgeable in the different platforms.

2. Set up Your Author Page on Amazon

Even if you’re working with a publishing house, make sure your own ‘house’ is in order. Yes, your Amazon house. Amazon is another social media site. You can go to Amazon Author Central to create your account. Once you have done that, you can feed your blog into your profile, add videos, books from your bibliography and reviews. Remember, it’s not about getting reviews, it’s about giving them as well. Your name will be associated with that review! Read More→

5 Ways to Make Your Business Blog Remarkable

Blog-VisibilityHow do you make your business blog really remarkable? Like, fascinating?

The main goal of writing a blog, whether for business or otherwise, is to get people to read what you write. Seems pretty simple. But attracting readers to a new blog (or even an established one) is easier said than done.

So how do you build a readership base and continuously gain new readers to keep your blog and your business going. Here are a few ways to make your business blog one to watch.

1. Keep up with current events – while you shouldn’t always write about what’s going on in the world, using relevant examples and anecdotes lets your readers know that you are knowledgeable.

2. Pay attention to your social media networks – what are people talking about on your social media pages? What are they asking you as a business? Consider using these questions and discussions for blog topics. You’re more likely to engage your customers by writing on topics they clearly are interested in than developing your own. Read More→

Better Blog Writing: Attract Clients,
Make Sure Your Posts Get Read!

Blog-Attraction-NetworksYou want to Engage your Blog Readers and encourage them to subscribe to your blog and become regular visitors. Ideally, you want to attract a large number of hungry customers who are interested in partaking of this written food for the soul, but how can you rise above the constant online buzz to attract attention to your blog post?

The Internet may be constantly chirping with activity, but that doesn’t mean that all content is worthy of users’ attention in the same manner. According to, there were 181 million blogs around the world at the end of 2011. (In 2006, there were 36 million in existence.)

Don’t let these numbers put you off; it doesn’t mean that all of these blogs are in your niche or that they are producing the same quality content that you are putting out in the blogosphere. If you’re in business, you already know you have competition and that you need to focus on what you offer that is better or different if you are going to attract a customer’s attention or find the best talent.

Your first priority should be to write a high-quality blog content that will help your readers in some way.

First, capture a reader’s interest with a compelling headline. One technique is to appeal to the reader’s fear that they may miss out on something important by failing to read your post. Use compelling words to effectively to draw in your audience by giving them a taste of what your post will be about, and make sure that you deliver the content as promised. Read More→

Scribd: Just Another Document Sharing Site?

Scribd--Just Another Document Sharing SiteI may be a late bloomer, but I just discovered Scribd. I found it when I was doing research for my webinar series, Social Media KISS (Keep it Simple and Serene) for Authors.

It is the most popular document sharing site available, with over 50,000 uploads each day. Yes, that number is correct. This is key for those of us that use content marketing online to get found, get known and get clients. Pay attention to what I’m going to tell you…

Scribd clearly has established its authority and web presence. The high online activity makes Scribd ideal for content marketing purposes.

OK, here’s the question: why would you want to market through a site that is based on sharing documents? Document sharing is a great way to promote brand awareness, bring eyeballs to your content & marketing collateral and increase link building (and we love link building.)

Most of my clients have flyers, press releases, articles, etc. and why not share this content as I did with this Mother’s Day brunch menu and and for another client’s article on hospital safety for Alzheimer patients.

If you have all of your marketing materials just sitting on your computer and not getting out into internet land, then you are just wasting space. Today, most of us operate our business and personal life online.  Using Scribd makes uploading all of your documents a simple task.

Reasons to love Scribd: Read More→

Online Content Marketing: Let’s Put the “We” Back Into Weblog

Follow-MeI get calls from small business professionals who want to start a blog or an e-newsletter. They’ve usually invested money in a nice website, and then suddenly realize that something’s missing… like customers and leads!

They’re genuinely surprised that with the money they spent on their website, no one is coming to see it, indicate they like it, let alone pick up the phone and call.

As for LinkedIn and Facebook, they’re baffled why people don’t interact with them. It doesn’t take a genius (and I’m no genius), but my guess is they have a “me-site,” a “me-blog,” and “me pages” on social media sites.

Instead of generously sharing information about their field of expertise, they share “me-formation.” There’s an “I” in information, but that doesn’t mean you should always talk about yourself. Content should be focused on readers, not you and your business. Sure, people want to know about you, but actually they want to know what you can do for them.

Start everything you write online with a focus on customers and the problems that you can solve for them. Then follow up with building trusting relationships with your readers that lead to sales.

Here’s how online content marketing works for small businesses:

  1. Relationships: Whenever you write content (blog posts, e-newsletter articles, emails), keep the focus on what problems you can solve for your customers. What are their struggles? What do they most desire? Connect with them by writing for them and about them. Read More→

Are Infographics Becoming Too Complex?

There’s no doubt that infographics are an extremely useful internet marketing tool, and as such, they’re becoming ever more commonplace when trying to gain new blog readers. There’s  no better way to attract new customers than with a clever graphic.

The problem, however, is that we’re seeing more and more that are overly complex, and are simply a waste of time. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, would this infographic be better if it were shorter, simpler, or even as text?

The main advantages of infographics, and the main reason they’re used, is that they can convey information quickly and concisely in an eye-catching way. Boring processes and masses of statistics can be explained quickly through the use of a great image, and people love this.

If you’ve got a great product for instance, you can explain some of its main features in a graphic. It’s much better to get a series of facts from an infographic than a large body of text, but if the infographic itself becomes overly long and complex, the point is lost.

Get Your Point Across Read More→