Get More Blog Traffic with These Proven Formulas

You may have started a blog for your business because you heard it was the Milky Way towards more Web traffic, more sales, more clients.

And painfully, you've spent hours writing on your blog, publishing, and nothing seems to happen:

If you can relate to these problems and aren't seeing results you hoped for from your business blog, then here's a smart suggestion:
Learn what really works from someone who has not only succeeded, but who knows how to explain it in plain English and teach it to anyone.

I've hosted a teleseminar with blogging expert Michael Martine, author of Remarkablogger, Blog Traffic Fisher, and Wordpress SEO Secrets on May 19, 2010, and the program is now available:

The Ultimate Traffic Formula: How to Avoid Business Blog Oblivion

A workshop presented by Michael Martine, of Remarkablogger, in association with Patsi Krakoff, aka The Blog Squad 75 minutes of training, questions answered, clear explanations, handouts, & worksheets to get you started with clarity and a plan for your own business success.


"Thank you for a great program. I was hesitant in joining because I thought it was more for newbies and I have been following you for a while.

When you mentioned how you were able to take this material and go to the next level, I realised there must be more to it. 

I'm glad I did because the information in the workshop and the bonuses is absolutely brilliant.

Thank you so much for so consistently providing such invaluable training through your blogs and your programs. I know I don't write back often, but I do appreciate the enormous amount of effort that goes into it. ~    Gitie House
, (Australia)

As a bonus, I'm including my program on smart content marketing with blogs:

  • Time-Saving Tips for Smart Blogging (a $39 value) including 101 Ways to find great blog content ideas

  ...and you'll also get these two bonus ebooks from  Michael:

  • How to Start a Business Blog (80-pages)
  • Get Them in the Door: Using Blogs, Email & Social Media for retailers, (71-pages)

The Ultimate Traffic Formula: How to Avoid Business Blog Oblivion


The Ultimate Traffic Formula is a 75 minute class that teaches you smart traffic tactics and strategies you can't afford not to use. Let Michael and I help you to stop wasting precious time and energy and learn how to switch to smart blogging.

Why I Did This Class with Michael...

One of the reasons I did this program is because I've always been curious myself about how traffic on the Web works. I've been blessed with some great results, and in the beginning, I'll admit most of it was random luck. Now I am learning how to be more strategic about building my traffic stats and results.

In the first year I started blogging, my list tripled, my revenues doubled and new clients started finding me from all over the world. Blogging is the major source of new business and sales for me.

Web traffic is too important to leave to random luck. With over a billion people connected to the Internet world-wide, you need to know how to attract the right people to your blog and web pages.

You don't have to be a computer wizard to learn blog traffic secrets. You can trust me on that because I'm long way from ever being called a "techie-geek type!" I'm a professional with degrees in psychology and journalism. They didn't even have computers when I went to school.

What I've learned so far is not rocket science, AND most of us aren't doing some very simple yet smart things.

The person I'm learning from is Michael Martine. After all, he wrote the book on Wordpress SEO Secrets, the Most Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Blog SEO.

Here's what Michael's teaching in this class:

3 Keys to Discovering Your Ultimate Traffic Formula:

1. The Ultimate Traffic Formula - What it is? (Strategy)

2. The Traffic Triangle - Three Channels for Greater Traffic (Tactics)

3. Putting It to Work (Execution)

What You’ll Get Out of This Training

The audio program is accompanied by a 13-page workbook for taking notes, The Ultimate Traffic Formula Workbook (PDF).

Michael is giving us access to a ton of tutorials, videos and handouts, plus a couple of bonuses:



The Action Steps alone are worth it… you'd have to spend big bucks to get a web marketing coach to tell you these same things. Of course, this class isn't free. If you implement just a portion of this program, however, it will more than pay for itself in:

  • Increased traffic
  • More leads
  • More opportunities
  • New business

Michael Martine, out of all the people I know on the Internet who are expert in traffic and blogging, is the person I've chosen to teach this class because:

A. He knows this SEO stuff backwards & forwards

B. He teaches clearly (and not just about SEO stuff)

C. He knows business blogging

D. He doesn't confuse you with a bunch of geek-speak

E. He's a nice guy

He's been blogging for-evah, which doesn't make him old, just wise.

Please join me for a packed class full of results-oriented benefits to make your blogging life easier, more fun, AND more profitable.

Click here to purchase the program and get the bonus blogging tutorial:

Time-Saving Tips for Smart Blogging ($39 value)

The Ultimate Traffic Formula: How to Avoid Business Blog Oblivion

Don't waste any more time, energy or money on business blogging that doesn't work. Find out what the key traffic factors are if you want to avoid business blog oblivion.

Learn with the masters:Michael Martine, and Patsi Krakoff, the Blog Squad,

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