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What to Do When People Ignore Your Web Words

“In one study reported by Nielsen and Loranger, web users spent on average less than 2 minutes before deciding to abandon a site.” Letting Go of the Words, by Ginny Redish

In another report from this same study, the average home page visit lasted 25-35 seconds. Talk about the “blink” affect… wow, that’s not much time to grab their attention.

I can think of two ways for grab people’s attention when they land on your site, your blog, or any page you’ve published on the web:

  • Animated pictures
  • Asking questions

The first one means either adding drawings, like a cartoon (which may not be appropriate for your audience) or a video with moving pictures. Let’s face it, even the most serious adult eye is attracted to cartoons and movies.

The other choice for capturing attention is to ask really good questions, like a survey,poll or quiz (and not, how-do-you-like-me? type questions). Everyone has an opinion and wants to express it.

But what’s a busy professional without staff or big bucks to do? Here one suggestion: Use video clips and a survey. Read More→