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How to Engage Readers
AND Grow Your Reader Base

CAST TechniqueCongratulations! Your reader base has grown to 5,000! You had 4,277 hits on your blog last month, and 737 legitimate comments!

If you’re a solo professional trying to get found online, these numbers could be PDG: pretty darn good. Small businesses, however, might find these figures PDA, pretty darn awful. My point is whatever the size of your biz, you want to grow your reader base, increase hits on your site, and stimulate comments, on your blog, social media, and LinkedIn.

If you’re not seeing growing numbers, take heart; you’re not alone. I know this because it’s one of the frequent concerns and questions my clients have: “How do I grow by reader base?” Here are 4 techniques you should be using to engage readers, and grow your reader base.

4 Ways to CAST Your Net

“Quality online content” depends on what business you’re in, who your ideal clients are, and how you can reach out and attract them with your solutions. Here’s a memory device when writing for your blog or website. Read More→

Remembering Family and Other Pillars

Back in the U.S., it’s Memorial Day when Americans honor our soldiers who died in service. My father, Marion Rae Wilkerson, was a 25-year Navy veteran, and while he didn’t die in service, I always remember him on this weekend.

He was on a ship in the Pacific during World War II that was blown in half by the Japanese. He was on the half that was able to save many of their sailors. He came home to San Diego shortly after that and I was conceived. Had he not been on the right end of that ship, my sister would have been an only child.

Today I am the only one left of my family, having lost my sister to kidney cancer eleven years ago. My father died of a brain tumor 27 years ago, and my mother of alcoholism 45 years ago. I mention this because it has had a strange effect on my philosophy of life.

I think having children and family give one a strong reason to live life well. Without that, you have to search for and find substitute pillars, especially in tough times. I think I’ve done a pretty good job of that, for the most part. I have been very blessed with friends, a wonderful husband, and a strong will to live.

Did you know that Memorial Day was first enacted by formerly enslaved African-Americans to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War? It was extended after World War I to honor Americans who have died in all wars. I didn’t know that until today. African-Americans who came to this country as slaves certainly offer proof of what it is like to find pillars when family is taken away.

In my travels and many years of living abroad (France, England, Greece, Mexico), I admire immigrants who have overcome difficulties to learn language and skills to survive and thrive. When people speak disparagingly about immigrants I guess I get more than a little bothered.

I hope you too have periods of reflections like I do whenever we set aside holidays to mark important events in the world. My best to you.

The Real Truth About Mexico

At the time of publishing my last post about the dangers of living in Mexico, the drug wars and gun laws, I had no idea if such thoughts interest my readers. I’m experimenting with personal stories as part of content marketing strategies for professionals using blogs and online content.

Violence touches the lives of many everywhere. When current events strike close to home, you may feel, as I do, the need to speak up. Yet, life goes on, and for the most part our experience south of the border has been delightful for many reasons.

Some American’s aren’t aware of Mexico’s strengths so I thought I’d report them here. Here’s an update, as reported on Wikipedia: Read More→

Living Dangerously in Mexico

I got an email from a colleague back in the US who asked me if it weren’t dangerous to drive in Mexico outside the city?

First of all, I hate driving in any city and find that most dangerous of all. Secondly, I live in a village called Ajijic. Every day when I go out my door, I have to avoid cars, motorcycles, buses, horses and a few chickens. But traffic is rarely dangerous unless you’re not paying attention.

My friend responded to me, “Huh?”

My friend obviously wasn’t referring to danger from traffic but to the violence from “DTO’s,” which is how the U.S. Consulate refers to “drug trafficking organizations.” Lately, there have been a few incidents even out here in Paradise, on Lake Chapala.

  • A police official gunned down
  • A hand grenade lobbed into a police chief’s house
  • 9 arrests of DTO members

I guess there are problems everywhere that there are drug users, drug vendors, and people with guns (most of which are manufactured and bought in the US along with ammunition legally sold).

It’s estimated by official sources that 60,000 to 70,000 American guns have crossed into Mexico.

My response to him: Is it dangerous to go to a supermarket in Arizona?

Each country has their bad guys, their weapons and plenty of ammunition.

Which country has the higher murder rates? Don’t know. Maybe someone could look it up? Read More→

Working at Home: Desperate House Bloggers

Some days I feel scattered, like maybe I’ve got a bad case of Attention Deficit Disorder. Or, maybe my brain isn’t aging well. Here’s what happened yesterday and how it all worked out.

It’s not that I forget things, although that happens too, but it’s more like I remember too much, all at once, and start doing one thing, realize I haven’t finished the other thing, etc.

If you work at home, and on the computer, you probably have days like these. The door bell kept ringing. Thursdays I have help here in the house to keep it clean and functioning.

Gaby, my housekeeper from Jocotepec,  knows not to bother me when I’m writing on the computer, but she came in because the dryer went out, so we had to call a repairman. As soon as he got here, of course it started working again.

Nevertheless, it needed a revision, so he went to work. Meanwhile the builder arrived to work on some screen doors. And Juan, the gardener, needed pool chemicals. Then the man came to fill the gas tank for the house. The painter came to repair some moldy walls. Read More→

What Makes You Mad?

In a previous post about What Drives You, I explored some of the personal reasons behind my energy and drive in my business. This is important for you to do as well. As you work in any business, especially your own, you should know at the deepest levels where your fire is.

Keep asking yourself “why?” and “how come?” you are driven to do what you do. Where is your fire? What makes you angry? There is energy in anger, and when you uncover it, it will keep you motivated.

I’m not talking about the unhealthy kind of anger, the kind where you try to get back at someone for some real or imagined insult.

Look at your anger in terms of a higher purpose. How can you use your anger for a higher good?

Read More→

Pivotal Moments in Blogging

Why are you blogging? How is it you discovered blogs, and at what point did you make a decision to start your own?

Do you remember the thrill of publishing your first blog on the Web, where you could publish your own thoughts without having to go through any tech person or getting your content accepted by someone else?

I’ll never forget the day, because it was September 4, 2004, my birthday. I’d injured my shoulder and couldn’t play tennis, which meant I was home, bored, and looking for something to do on the computer.

I opened an email from Debbie Weil. She said, “Every business should have a blog, and any idiot can go over to and start one in under an hour.” Read More→

How to Retire Early in a Downturn and Make Money on the Web

People often ask why we moved to Mexico. The question always seems funny to me, sort of like, “Why do you want to live in Paradise?”

But some people are afraid of Mexico and imagine dire poverty, filth, and drug crime violence. The truth lies closer to the Paradise side of things, and all places have their problems.

Some of you wonder if there’s a way to leave the rat race behind in favor of a more peaceful, creative way to live.

You may have an idea to make money using the Internet, but wonder if that’s realistic. I’m telling this story here and you can make up your own minds about how to do this for yourself. It may be much more possible than you think!

Read More→

What Drives You? Your Business? Weekend musings…

Computer-laptop-connected-to-brain-clipping-path Have you spent a lot of time and money over your lifetime learning how to do something, like in your career or professon? In your sports? I sure have. I am driven.

Why do you do what you do? What drives you in your work?

I've studied a lot about what drives people to do what they do. Why do they keep on keeping on, in spite of mistakes, in spite of obstacles, in spite of a never-ending list of tasks and responsibilities and only so many hours in a day? Why do you? Here's why I persist…

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If You Work for Yourself, Be a Good Boss
(Weekend musings…)

LuckyCalendar2010 Are you thinking about next year already? I am. I hate to say it, but this year's over. With the end-of-the-year holidays, and my vacation coming up, it's time to finish up projects, get them announced, and generate some revenues.

What are you doing to prepare for 2010? I'm writing a prediction about content marketing for a book, and I'm launching a couple of projects (sneak preview, Content Marketing for Smarties and Patsi's Private List).

(BIG announcement next week, on the teleseminar (don't forget to register here: How to Create Content Products with MyKnowledgeGenie.)

(Personal Note: This has been a strange year for everyone, political changes that leave one hopeful, excited, or scared, but certainly not apathetic; then there's been the economic uncertainty, global unrest, and, if you're nearing retirement age, some re-working of plans because of shrinking reserves. Whatever your situation, employed, self-employed, or out of work, I hope you do not give up, you maintain your energy and keep on working on those dreams.)  

My point is this: make sure you're doing work you really love and you like your boss. You may have to be together longer than you expect! In my case, my boss is myself (not The Hubby, as he would like to think!)…

I'm sometimes difficult to work for. It's not that I work myself too hard, au contraire. I have a pretty good work ethic, I'm responsible and reliable. But I've got an even stronger "play ethic." I firmly believe that playing tennis everyday is the way to keep a healthy body AND, more importantly, a healthy brain. If I'm not having fun, none of this really matters as much.

The problem is the 3-4 hours that it takes for tennis. Especially when I'm organizing a project like the upcoming teleseminar for My Knowledge Genie. (Details here, don't miss it!)

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