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E-Newsletter Review: How’s Your Ezine?

You may be doing all the right content marketing things (e-newsletter, blog, articles, etc.) and still not get good results (get found, get known, get clients!) If all you’re doing is publishing good information, without personality, without offers, what’s the point?

I got an email from a client who lamented the poor results from her emailed newsletter. After a year she reported:

  • No new clients came to her after reading it
  • No new sign-ups were happening (or were rare)

She asked what she was doing wrong. Here were some of her questions, followed by my answers. This would be a good time to check your own e-newsletter for opportunities for improvement.

  1. Could it be the article is too long?
  2. Could it be I don’t know how to sell myself with my newsletter?
  3. Could it be that I don’t choose the right article for my clients (they are small business owners and at time managers in various companies)?
  4. Could it be that many people check their emails on their phone and do not have time to read my newsletters?

The person asking these good questions is an executive coach. She needs to “sell herself” by providing quality content that demonstrates her expertise in coaching matters and leadership and personal development issues. Read More→

Ghost Blogging for Executive Coaches

If you’re a busy professional, you know how hard it is to run your business and provide quality services to clients, and have enough time to take care of your online marketing and publishing tasks.

You may be a thought leader in your field, but if you’re not publishing content on  the Web, you’re not going to get found, get known, and get clients.

You need to be blogging 2-3 times a week, submitting articles to directories, participating on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook… impossible for one person to manage and still have a life.

Somethings like social media updating and article submissions can be handled by a V.A. But others, like blog writing, needs to be very good so that it sounds like something you’d say, professional and informed.

There are a lot of outsourcing solutions but very few good ones. When it comes to quality content for executive coaches, I don’t recommend you hire anyone who doesn’t have experience in your field, a thorough understanding of your clients and target market and good Web knowledge and experience.

Good help is hard to find, as they say. If you’re an executive coach, let me know if I can help you. If you’re in another field I probably can’t write for you, but I can revise what you’ve written, edit it, make it suitable for Web publications.

Click here for more information.

Tough Times Call for Disruptive Innovations


SilverLining I've just finished Scott D. Anthony's new book, The Silver Lining: an Innovation Playbook for Uncertain Times. It's well worth the read because it gives you a historical perspective on what happens in recessions, how new and exciting innovations come forth.

In fact, I based a new article on his book. Executive coaches can use this article in  newsletters and blog posts, if subscribed to my newsletter services over at

You can read a brief synopsis of the article here, on my content site.

The biggest take-away for me from the book was the fact that many of our biggest companies today were founded during recessionary times. Thirteen of the 25 companies on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, as of December 2008, were formed during an economic downturn, including 3M, General Electric, Microsoft and Walt Disney.

Instead of trying to best their competitors, disruptors change the game. They typically transform existing markets or create new ones by focusing on convenience, simplicity, accessibility or affordability.

What are you doing to focus on delivering products and services that are convenient, simple, accessible and affordable?

Transparency & Trust: New Article Available for Coaches

CorrectedBanner  Part of what I do as a Content Marketing specialist is write articles for executive coaches and consultants ( These can be up to 4,000 words in length and customized for a person, as in a recent white paper I did for a client.

Or, I also write non-exclusive content that can be used in newsletters and blogs about leadership development and issues of concern in organizations. I've just finished an article about transparency and trust, and it's available for purchase and use in company newsletters.

What's Needed Next: Transparency & Trust

An issue all organizations are facing now days is that of trust and transparency. A January 2009 Harvard Business Review survey revealed that, over the last year, readers reported having 76% less trust in U.S. companies’ senior management and 51% less trust in non-U.S. companies. (Of the 1,000+ respondents, 60% were based outside the United States.) That’s a significant drop in confidence levels.

Roughly half of all managers don’t trust their leaders. Exact figures and study results vary, but no data compiled over the last 7 years have shown more than 50% trust for company leaders.

Without trust and transparency inside a company, you won't get customers to trust and buy products.

What can you do to improve the quality of trust and transparency in your organization? There are seven steps you can take towards a culture of transparency and trust.

If you're an executive coach or consultant, you can use this article in your newsletters or blog by buying a subscription to Read the full synopsis here…

What's Needed Next: Transparency and Trust

Articles for Sale: 25% Discount on Executive Coaching Articles

Every year since 1999 I offer an end-of-year article sale discount through Customized Newsletter Services. This is a niche company for executive coaches and management consultants that is part of Krakoff Wakeman Associates Inc., providing article content suitable newsletters and blogs directed at executives in corporations.

If this is something that interests you, go visit the article directory site at using the discount link here: – Sale is on only until Dec. 31 midnight ET.

The 25% discount applies to all the content there, except for the new article The End of Management as We Know It. The articles are evergreen (not dated) and can be used with your name, and can be revised; you can add your own marketing info to them.

This is a great way to save time because the articles are well-researched based on leading business books and journals such as the Harvard Business Review.

Mindset: How it can grow your business – or shut it down

Have you read Mindset: the New Psychology of Success? Carol Dweck, a research psychologist authored the book in 2006 after accumulating 20 years of data. After reading it, I signed up and attended 3 conferences in order to open up my learning mindset!

This is a change-your-way-of-thinking book that can easily improve your life and business, right away. It answers the question: "If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?"

According to Dweck, when young children are told they have high IQs, they easily adopt a closed mindset. They know they are smart, so they tend to not try anything that is challenging. Fast forward 30 years, and that smart person may avoid risking anything that might show them to be deficient.

A closed mindset can mean that you stop learning, stop attending conferences, because you "know all that already."

It explains why high achievers and high IQ scores don’t always succeed when promoted, and why some executives thrive and others fall prey to "CEO disease."

That’s why I wrote an article for Customized Newsletter Services, available for purchase and use in your newsletters and blogs: Mindset: Why Executives Thrive…or Barely Survive.

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Marshall Goldsmith: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Marshall_goldsmith If you are an executive coach or a consultant, you’re familiar with the books, articles, and prolific work of Marshall Goldsmith. And there’s a reason. In my view, he is quickly becoming this century’s leadership development expert, with a stature reminiscent of Peter Drucker.

But I gush. If you’ve heard Goldsmith present at a conference, you’ll recognize some of his stories and humor in his books. He is down-to-earth, funny, clear and authentic. I won’t go on and on; this is after all a blog post, so here’s my point:

Goldsmithwhatgotyouhere Buy and read Goldsmith’s latest book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There (Hyperion, 2007).

It doesn’t matter if you work in a different field or you’re not an executive. If you have a pulse, you will recognize yourself as participating in at least one of his "20 Habits That Hold You Back from the Top (p. 40)."

Goldsmith has an uncanny ability to recognize the challenges of interpersonal behavior, often leadership behavior. They are egregious everyday annoyances, that on the surface, appear to be normal; some of them even contribute to our success in getting ahead. But in the long run, they make the workplace more noxious than it needs to be.

And these bad habits, at higher levels of responsibility, will actually deter us from having continued success.

If you want to learn more about these bad habits and what you can do about them, order the book today on Amazon. I’m making it easy for you to order by including the link here, yes, right here; and yes, it includes my affiliate link so that I can profit greatly, at least a few pennies. But you will be far, far richer after reading the book and applying a few steps.

P.S. If you are working in the field of executive coaching or consulting and need material for your ezine, you can purchase an article based on Goldsmith’s principles of coaching and other research about bad bosses here from
Good Boss, Bad Boss: 20 Bad Habits Leaders Should Stop Doing Now.

Instant Articles: Buy, Rewrite, Add Your Name

Do you ever wish you could buy a good article, add your own stories, and publish it as your own in your newsletters or blogs? Sort of like those vitamin powders you pour into water, shake up and drink?

I just launched an article directory site called When you buy an article for your newsletters, you get to use it as your own. That means you can blend your own stories into them to personalize them and make them work for getting clients and spreading your expertise.

You can read the press release here.

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Articles Drive Traffic

It’s all the rage now.  Using articles to drive traffic to your blog and/or website.  The fact is, Internet marketers have been doing this for years, and it’s finally catching on with the mainstream online business community.

This week Denise and I attended a teleclass with our mentor, Tom Antion, about using articles.  Denise wrote up some of his tips on her blog Your Project Partner.  Check out 21 Ways to Use Articles to Build Your Business.

Winning the War for Leadership Talent

I’ve got a new article available for purchase for use in your newsletters: Winning the War for Leadership Talent. Based on the book Leadership Pipeline by Ram Charan, Steven Drotter, and James Noel, it offers great tips for succession planning.

If you are a consultant working with organizations, you know how important talent is for success. You also know there is a talent crunch coming, as Baby Boomers start to retire. Companies must keep the leadership pipeline full, and develop people as they progress to higher levels of leadership responsibilities.

To read a synopsis of this article, and to find out how you can use my articles as your own, please visit